Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Worth it for the long run

I'm back home from my trip to Germany now and for the last three days I have watched my colleagues eating some of the most delicious looking food and drinking copious amounts of wine while I drank water and ate grilled, unseasoned chicken or fish and fried potatoes or boiled rice.

But it was WORTH IT!!!

It got on the underground and was overpowered by the smell of detergent and cologne and my stomach has largely behaved itself.

The first thing I did when I got home was had a meal with vegetables, from the allowed list of course, and rustled up a very quick omlette with sautéed Brussel sprouts (in sunflower oil) and a slice of Gouda cheese. It sure tasted good and it SMELT GOOD too!

My goal now will be to stick to the allowed list and see how I feel in a week or so. Then start introducing things from the moderate list one by one. The challenge will be to create interesting meals from the allowed list and when I do I'll jot them down on a recipe page.

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